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Exhibition Not To Be Missed Budour Al Ali's New Series of Paintings

“She Rises” exhibition from Budour Al Ali and her new series of paintings for an art exhibition , come visit the hotel first floor until 15th December.


In line with our ongoing initiative, Women at Accorhotels Generation (WAAG), through this exhibition we are celebrating Emirati Women’s Day by recognising women in the region and highlighting their pivotal role in the community.


The exhibition showcase a dozen vibrant pieces of artwork that capture the heritage and beauty of the UAE, as well as the strength of the independent, hardworking women in the Arab and Muslim world. The collection aims to empower women and dignify their role in society by illustrating the positive values they exude.


Budour Al Ali comments on her collection: “I couldn’t think of a more memorable day than Emirati Women’s Day to open my exhibition at Sofitel Dubai Downtown. My work is a unique culmination of expressionism, realism and a dip into the abstract world. All of my pieces are inspired by the UAE, my home. All I desire is to share the beauty, generosity and stories of this wonderful place with the rest of the world through my brushstrokes. I hope to empower and dignify the independent and hardworking women of the Arab and Muslim world, and encourage them to recognise the pride in being a woman.”


“Since the opening of Sofitel Dubai Downtown, the hotel has been a canvas for artist impression and has pioneered an ongoing commitment to design and art. To celebrate the occasion of Emirati Women’s Day, we’re delighted to welcome Budour Al Ali to the hotel, as she shares her stunning artwork that reflects the beauty of the UAE with all its heritage through the strokes and shades of her brushes.”

Fabrice Ducry, General Manager, Sofitel Dubai Downtown.





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