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Sofitel Fitness x BR Performance

Connect your mind and body with Sofitel Fitness, located on the second floor of the hotel and featuring state-of-the-art TechnoGym® equipment. Make the most out of your training and enjoy a fitness experience taken to the next level by our partner BR Performance, whether you are looking for a cardio session, a muscle-building workout,or unwinding your mind with yoga sequence. 


Private Training packages: 

BR Coaches have taken a system designed for athletic development and customized it to benefit everyday fitness enthusiasts and beginners in becoming more functional. Enhanced functionality enables you to lead a healthier, injury-free life, perform daily activities with ease, and power through your day with increased energy.

As a new client, you will begin your program with a complimentary assessment and consultation. Your coach will thoroughly analyze and provide insights into any weaknesses or muscle imbalances you may have, ensuring a safe and tailored training plan to kickstart your journey.

Single Session: 350

8 Sessions: 2,560

12 Sessions: 3,720

16 Sessions: 4,800



Semi- Private Training packages

The Semi-Private training is tailored to your unique fitness goals and needs. BR coaches provide personalized guidance and support, designing customized workouts, and tracking your progress along the way.

The Semi-Private Training will place you into small groups of 2 to 4, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie with fellow members without compromising the progress and integrity of BR’s specialized training program.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, build strength, improve flexibility, or enhance athletic performance, our coaches will create a program that aligns with your lifestyle and propels you to reach new heights.

Single Session: 240

8 Sessions: 1,680

12 Sessions: 2,340

16 Sessions: 2,816



Group Class Training packages 

Elevate your fitness with our dynamic Group Fitness Classes for Yoga – Mobility – Circuit Training – Muay Thai Boxing.

Join a supportive community, experience motivating workouts, and achieve your wellness ambitions together.

BR group classes provide a more intimate and limited capacity to ensure a safe and individualised approach to all members.

Single Class: 120

5 Classes: 525

10 Classes: 950

20 Classes: 1,600

30 Classes: 1,950


Ready to kickstart your fitness journey?

Download the BR Performance app now on iOS or Android and book your first session for FREE! Get started today and experience the Sofitel Fitness x BR Performance difference.

*All prices are excluding VAT

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